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Special and Industrial Coatings


Bed Liners



House and Home

From tank liners to foundation walls, truck box liners to seemless deck coatings, CIC industrial sprays high performance Polyurea coatings for any application where durability in harsh chemical, out door or abrasive environments is needed.

We use the best quality polyurea product available. Be aware that all coatings are not created equal. Nothing out performs a true 100% polyurea. Our products have no fillers or additives to make this product weaker. With little extra cost over those franchise products. Wearablity and longevity is far superior and the best you can get.







Industrial Polyurea at Work. :

  • Polyurea is used where bulletproof abrasion, impact and chemical resistance is needed. Flexible and rubbery to the touch, it not only survives but thrives in environments where abrasion completely removes even the best high quality polyurethane paints.

  • The uses we have seen polyurea put to are too numerous to list but include pipelines, augers, slurry tanks, truck frames, cement mixers. We have used polyurea in may other creative ways so If you have a question about if polyurea can or what it can do, please call us and we can use our experience to help you.



Bed Liners



For durability the industrial version of Polyurea is unparalleled. :

  • Regular bed liners offer a slight savings in material by using fillers and solvents to apply a thinner layer. The fillers reduce the abrasion, tear and the UV resistance. Some of these products bleach out and begin to weather badly.
  • In our experience a box liner is not merely a decorative coating, it must be thick and as durable as possible. That is why we use 100% undiluted industrial polyurea on your working truck.







The use of polyurea in commercial applications

  • We are still finding ways that customers benefit from polyurea because  it is such a useful and innovative coating.
  • Examples include under grade concrete protection, sealing and adding impact resistance to ICF walls, seamless pond liner, slip resistant step treads. The uses are truly endless. Don’t hesitate to call us, we would be glad to discuss what coating solution is best for your need.





Construction and Buildings


The use of polyurea in construction and builidng applications

  • As the ultimate deck coating Polyurea is unmatched. Spraying means there are no seams to break apart ever : no matter how large the deck area. It wears incredibly well and the pebbled finish adds grip that is comfortable even in bare feet. Not to mentioned that there is a choice of colors.

  • Polyurea can also work as a repair material. For example, a join between two roofs that has proven impossible to stop leaking? Once and for all, the flexibility long life and waterproof urea fixes the problem by making a new seamless membrane between the two buildings.